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Google Merchant Center

Now upload your products direct on google and let millions of people see them online and in-store inventory.

Modify your products whenever you want so that shoppers will always see the right information on your website ads.

Google Merchant Campaign is yet another powerful tool that allow you to be on top on search engine in term of your products just like big players Amazon and Flipkart.

Get more with your Google Merchant Account

Benefits to have Google Merchant Center Account

If we say “shopping on Google begins with Google Merchant Center”, what’s your reaction then?

Don’t be shocked it’s a fact. To advertise your products on google you will need a Google Merchant Account. Google Merchant Center is a tool through which you can add your store brand and products data at one place and make it available to shopping ads and other  services.

Attract more potential buyers

Reach customers while they are shopping online being active on google, youtube and other across the web.

Access controls on how your products will appear online

Keep your products details updated so that your customers current and relevant items they are looking for.

Google Remarketing Campaign

Now it’s easy to connect with people who previously have visited your website or ads through Google Remarketing Ads.

ISO Campaign strategy

Using ISO Campaign Strategy, now allocate more aggressive bids and budget to certain high value searches by understanding privacy settings and eliminating negative keywords.

Product Feed Management

Product feed management involves optimization of product feeds in order to improve shopping campaign results. With RedCubePixel’s strategy monitor your product feeds and thus improve ROI(Return on Investment).

Evaluate your Google Merchant Center here.

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