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PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the popular internet marketing strategies where the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their online ads is clicked. In this competitive environment, Webholik Media is the #1 PPC Company in Lucknow India that offers the best PPC Services in Luknow Uttar Pradesh and all over in India. We understand the need for Pay Per Click advertising services for a business to attract important leads and conversions in this competitive market environment and accordingly, we try our best to deliver the most accurate PPC Services in Lucknow.

With more than 8 years of expertise in Google Adwords, Webholik Media is the Top PPC Agency that takes care of –

PPC Ads Campaign Management Services

Do you know that more than 2 billion people have access to the internet world? With 45,000 searches every second and 3.5 billion searches every day, 95% of online activities begin at a search engine! In such a scenario, hiring a professional Top PPC Management Company has become more important than ever! With effective PPC campaigns, a business can promote its products and services on various search engines. Because Google is the most popular search engine, running ads on Google AdWords forms an important element of PPC advertising.

Why Webholik Media? Best PPC Company!

Our PPC strategies are slightly different than the rest. With an industry experience of more than 10 years, our PPC experts keep a close tab on which type of PPC campaign will suit a business that will ensure maximum lead generation and ROI. They regularly monitor and keep a check on the running PPC campaigns using data analytics to further strategize the next marketing move while always aiming for higher ad positions at lower costs. Our Top PPC Company follows a structured process comprising keyword research and selection, competitor analysis, bid management, ad copy creation and ad placements on the search engines.


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Our PPC Ads Management Services Include-

It’s a smartphone-driven world. Today, most of the online activities are done on smartphone devices. Because people are surrounded by too much information about brands and their products and services, among others, the competition in this online space has doubled. This said brands must run their online ads to get better leads and conversions in a shorter span. As the best PPC Company, Webholik Media offers a plethora of professional PPC ads services on different platforms, for individual businesses of all sizes.


Search Ads Advertising

As part of our PPC ad campaign, we aim at creating compelling search advertising campaigns following accurate targeting criteria so that the ads reach a highly relevant audience. Our expert team of Google Ads Service Company keep a regular check on the running ad campaigns to monitor the results and maximize the ROI from the campaigns.

Display/Banner Ads Advertising

Our PPC services include marketing the clients’ brands with compelling display/banner advertisements. By staying updated with the recent changes and happenings in trends, we provide modern solutions for banner advertisements for ads to make a perfect targeting combination and reach the right audience.

Social Advertising​

Gmail Ads are the ones that appear in the Social and Promotions tabs of your Gmail inbox. When the users click on these ads, they may open just like a normal email. Often the Top PPC Company suggests that you include Gmail ads for your online branding and advertising. Gmail ads are best for those companies that offer B2B products and services. Just like other Google products, Gmail Ads are also scalable.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising is the most popular and effective way to do your online branding. People often find videos appealing because of characters, storytelling, and content. This is the content which is played during, before, or after streaming video content. Video Advertising is also a subpart of display ads that can be displayed all across the internet and other digital ad networks. Video Ads are generally popular among consumer goods and B2C businesses.

Gmail Advertising

Gmail Ads are the ones that appear in the Social and Promotions tabs of your Gmail inbox. When the users click on these ads, they may open just like a normal email. Often the Top PPC Company suggests that you include Gmail ads for your online branding and advertising. Gmail ads are best for those companies that offer B2B products and services. Just like other Google products, Gmail Ads are also scalable.

Mobile Advertising

In this mobile-centric world, advertising on mobile is of great importance. As the best PPC advertising agency, DigitalOye delivers mobile advertising campaigns that aid businesses in reaching their mobile audiences more efficiently. 

How Top PPC Company does it?

As a Google Adwords and PPC expert, we provide our clients with

Optimize PPC Biding Strategy

As a the best PPC Service Company in Lucknow, we work on establishing a structured bidding management system to optimize keywords and improve conversion rates with manual and automatic bid supervision and landing page optimization.

Ad Extension Management

We make use of ad extensions to provide you with the ability to display every important piece of information to the ads such as contact information, product images and several other links to your website.

Remarketing Campaigns

As the top Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, Lucknow India, we prioritize Remarketing lists because it is one of the most profitable PPC strategies as it targets those who have visited your website in the past. If they click on one of your Remarketing ads, they are very likely to convert into your customers.

Shopping Campaigns

Eight out of every ten online shoppers refer Google to look for products to shop. Considering this trend, we provide the best pay per click services in Delhi to create attractive Google shopping campaigns to bring customers to your website.

Mobile App Engagements

There are over 1 Million apps in the app stores that are never downloaded. Our professional PPC company in Delhi makes sure that your mobile app is exposed to a wide audience and get a good number of downloads by advertising it on various channels like Google Play, Google Search, Facebook, etc.

Webholik Media will also help you in

Adwords Account Audit

Our team of dedicated PPC Ads expert conduct a regular audit of the client's Adwords accounts to perfectly group and manage the running ad campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

At Webholik Media - the best PPC advertising agency, we create quality ad campaigns with the aim of garnering maximum leads and conversions by testing several variations of the ads through A/B testing.


This process involves displaying ads to those people who have already visited your website. Our professional team of PPC Company show relevant ad campaigns to such people for boosting the conversion rates.

Reporting and Insights

As a part of our Google PPC Ads service, we strictly maintain a transparent relationship with our clientele by sharing detailed reports of the performance of the campaign that includes performance data like the number of clicks, impressions, CTR and ROI.

FAQs about PPC Services

By investing in PPC campaigns, your business will get the opportunity to appear in the sponsored listings of the search engine results page. This way, you will get a position on the top and quickly get the attention of your prospective customer. The main benefits are – PPC campaigns will charge you per click i.e., you will pay only for people who are interested in your services, and you can easily measure PPC performance.

As compared to other organic methods, PPC will give you reasonably quick results. But, to get consistency in PPC efforts will take a while because of the entire process involved in running a PPC campaign – keyword research, quality score, and other changes in terms of copy and landing pages. On average, it will take 2-3 months to get the PPC results you desire finally.

Depending on the type of PPC ads – search ads, display, social media, remarketing, mobile ads, and Google shopping, the ads can appear on the search result page, social media channels, other websites, and apps that you are browsing.

You can measure it with the Click-Through Rate (CTR) that is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by impressions. A good CTR will indicate that your target audience is interested in your offerings.

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