UX & Visual Design

Whether you need user experience flows, prototypes, user interface design for your website or app, or a visual identity for your new concept, our website designers got you covered.

Information architecture

We can help you build an information architecture for your site using content audits, user interviews, and card sorts. We make sure that your labels, searchability, navigation structure, word usage, and how you choose to organise your content will influence your users to meet their goals and get them coming back to your site.

Usability testing

We test usability with individuals or groups, observing their interactions and documenting them, using the lessons we learn from the test to inform our design process for your site. We can run usability tests at several stages throughout your project, as early as the wireframe stage to get initial feedback, and later to validate what we’ve built.


Our simplest wireframes are static graphics, but for more complex digital projects, we create interactive wireframes. These show the structure, content and user interaction across your pages. Clicking on the wireframe’s elements simulates on a high level how to interact with and navigate through the final site, making them ideal for early user testing.

Content strategy

We ask your customers directly what they think of your site, and find out through interviews, surveys, and site visits what matters to them. We’ll use what we learn to create a strategy that optimises your site’s content, crafting the messages you want to deliver by writing copy in the voice you want your customers to hear.

Intuitive web design

Our focus on user experience leads to website designs that are intuitive, functional, and easy-to-use.


Accessibility is prioritised throughout our website design process. We create inclusive websites for all users.


We optimise our website designs for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Your website will work seamlessly across all devices.

UI Design

We practice design-led website development, a process that puts discovery and research first. Only after we have a deep understanding of your organisation’s goals can we create concepts, start solving problems, and discover solutions while evolving the conceptual design.


Our branding capabilities include logo design, defined brand typeface, and colour palettes, to-the-point brand guidelines, tone of voice, and of course brand collateral design. It doesn’t matter if you already have a brand or not—through branding and identity design, we can create brands from scratch or give your existing brand a refresh.


Icons serve as an important visual aid in any graphical communication. Our design team at Silverstripe can craft icons for you that succinctly convey written content via visual cues, whilst adding interest to a design.

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