Keto Club India

Keto Club India – Using effective bidding to reach potential customers

Webholik Media started the collaboration with KCI and took over their Finnish paid search activities (Keto Diet Plan, Consultation & Products) in February 2020. Their aim was to increase and maximise their lead generation on paid search while keeping the cost per lead at the target level.

In order to achieve this goal, Webholik Media restructured the Google Ads account and optimised the account performance by creating different bidding portfolios for different products & services. In addition to that, Webholik Media helped to create new relevant ads while maximising the lead generation with the target cost per lead.

Keto Club India is the largest & elite keto consulting company in the India, providing personalised keto diet plan for its more than 50 thousand customers in the country.
Keto Club India strives to provide its customers with safety and stability in their daily lives, and its focus on excellence has made them the first choice for many in the country.

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Increase in leads

During our collaboration in 2020, the number of leads increased by 70% compared to the same months in 2019 – achieved by updating and providing relevant ads on Google Search. This included 61% increased media spend that was better distributed between products & services based on their performance and priorities. New keywords in Google Search and improved coverage made it possible to reach new relevant customers for If Commercial.

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Decrease in cost per acquisition

By using the target cost per acquisition bidding strategy and by grouping the insurance product campaigns into different performance buckets based on their priorities, we managed to keep the average lead cost lower than in 2019 while still increasing the number of leads.

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Increased click through rates

Webholik Media recreated the ads in collaboration with Keto Club India to match Webholik Media’s SEM best practices and to be as relevant as possible for search queries. The improved ad relevance and increased media spend resulted in a better clickthrough rate and a better lead completion rate on the website.

Success factors

1. Strategic bidding

By using the target cost per acquisition Smart Bidding strategy we were able to maximise leads while keeping the account average cost per lead at the business target level.

2. Bidding portfolios

By creating three different bidding portfolios, based on priorities, we were able to split the insurance products into different performance buckets with customised cost per acquisition targets. This approach made it possible to easily react to the performance changes by moving the insurance products between the buckets and by changing the targets when needed.

3. Account structure

Webholik Media changed the Google Ads structure according to the Webholik Media best practices and made the ads as relevant as possible to the search query in collaboration with Keto Club India. With this approach, we were able to give different product groups the right targets and reach the relevant customers for Keto Club India.

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